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Maintaining an harmonious working environment is essential for organisational effectiveness, productivity and staff morale. Eleda Consultancy provides support and resolution when things go wrong.

Conflict in the workplace
Difficulties in staff relationships often result from a combination of human or systems factors such as: changes to the working environment or working practices that leave staff struggling to cope, a lack of support for a newly promoted manager, personality differences, a lack of role clarity, differences in working styles, poor management, poor communication, inadequate training, redundancy, conflicting objectives, poor motivation.
If problems escalate they can lead to employee resentment, low morale, high absenteeism, high staff turnover, talented people leaving the organisation and reduced productivity.

How We Work
Eleda Consultancy uses relationship psychology-based tools. We create an environment for constructive honest communication and conduct a series of confidential interviews, either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups, both with staff and managers to identify the source of the difficulties.
We present our findings in a detailed report and make recommendations on changes needed to resolve the situation, build resilience and achieve lasting change.

To support the recommendations we can provide counselling in the workplace, initiate staff support groups and offer workshops.

Workshops for Business
We provide various workshops for up to 12 people, covering:

Improving Communication
Good communication is essential for organisational efficiency and success, and has the power to influence and inspire. Poor communication leads to misunderstanding, poor motivation, wasted time and errors.

Managing Stress
Stressed staff work less efficiently and are more prone to absenteeism.  Our workshop teaches how to recognise the signs of stress, the effects of stress on the individual and the organisation and stress management techniques to create a happier, healthier, more productive work-life balance.

Boosting Self-esteem and Assertiveness
A lack of self-esteem/confidence stops individuals from achieving their full potential, and the organisation they work for loses out on their true talent. We show people how to identify and overcome personal confidence barriers.
A lack of asssertiveness in the workplace contributes to inefficiency and impacts on performance. We teach people how and when to use constructive assertive communication.

Coping with Change
The workshop supports organisations and their employees going through periods of change or restructuring. It allows individuals to analyse their own feelings and emotions at this time and gives them tools and strategies to adapt to the change. We also help organisations develop skills to successfully manage change.

Schools & Colleges
We offer workshops and one-to-one sessions to schools and colleges to help students manage pre-exam nerves and stress.

Eleda Legal

We provide a range of services that support the work of family solicitors and their clients.

‘Together Apart’ workshops
Solicitors can refer clients, who are about to start divorce or separation proceedings, to our ‘Together Apart’ workshop. The workshop's primary focus is to guide people to a ‘healthier’ divorce and reduce emotional damage to any children involved.
It provides understanding of the process of divorce from a relationship psychology viewpoint with a focus on improving communication, reducing conflict, promoting mediation at a more beneficial stage in the process and reducing the possibility of the case going to court.

Continual Professional Development
We also offer this workshop as a CPD (continual professional development, 6 hours) to family solicitors. The workshop provides useful skills for legal professionals as well as clients, and contains an added element of 'self-care' for legals.

Alternative service to mediation
Family solicitors can use us instead of mediation or when mediation has failed.
Skilled relationship therapists provide up to six sessions (more if required). The sessions explore situations where couples are unwilling to move from their own viewpoint, thus dragging out the divorce/separation process and making court proceedings more likely.
It serves to shift the focus away from the client’s own emotions towards an understanding of the situation. It helps couples comprehend the other’s viewpoint and gets them to a position where they are ready to listen. We have had success helping separating couples to shift from a deadlock and move forward.

Consultancy work with legal professionals
We provide support to solicitors who are struggling with clients and have reached an impasse with them. We visit lawyers at their office and bring ideas, looking at the situation from a relationship psychology point of view, and suggest alternative approaches that might not have been tried or considered.